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Ayurvedic Protein: Main Features and Benefits

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian healing system that dates back almost five thousand years. It is considered a living science, of which the goal is to create a balanced healthy lifestyle through nutrition, self-care practices, yoga, meditation, and working with the body’s natural rhythms. As opposed to western modern health care practices, Ayurveda focuses on prevention versus treating symptoms, and takes on a holistic approach in order to achieve longevity and harmony. 

Ayurveda approaches nutrition and diet according to each individual, considering the fact that each person comes with their unique constitution (doshas). Regardless of our varying constitutions, all human bodies need proteins, fats, sugars, and carbohydrates. For those who cannot receive their protein from meat, vegan Ayurvedic protein powder products can be an excellent source to support the body’s development. It can be consumed in the form of shakes, added into pancake or muffin mix, as well as other recipes that call for protein supplements. Daily ayurvedic protein intake can support muscle building while allowing the body to receive the daily necessary micronutrients it needs to function well.

ayurvedic protein main features and benefits - Ayurvedic Protein: Main Features and Benefits

What are the Features of Ayurveda Protein?

According to Ayurveda, adjusting your diet and taking a new view on what is healthy is a way to balance various processes in the body. Most often, the state of a person’s health is affected by the food that is consumed most often, how often one exercises, as well as the level of stress or peace one experiences in their daily life. In the fast paced north american lifestyle, it can be challenging to make time to cook and eat a balanced meal that ensures you receive your proper protein and nutrient intake, which is why we developed the Beyond Vital Ayurvedic protein powder.

This ayurvedic protein is suitable for everyone – athletes, vegetarians, and vegans — those who have an intolerance to gluten or milk protein. Protein is rich in amino acids and promotes rapid recovery after physical exertion and effective muscle building after training. Among the main characteristics of the product:

  • Vegetable protein is great for normalizing metabolism while providing an optimal balance of nutrients in the body
  • Ideal as a healthy and low-calorie, easily digestible meal replacement.
  • It does not contain genetically modified soy, artificial additives, and flavors.

This ayurvedic protein is easily and fully digested, significantly stimulating the body’s immune system. It contains all the necessary amino acids in the right amount. Protein contributes to the restoration of intestinal microflora, better absorption of calcium, and significantly reduces the risk of viral infections.

Product Benefits

There are numerous benefits to supplementing the body with ayurvedic protein powder:

  • Protein powder whey supports effective and safe weight loss.
  • Protein provides a balanced diet.
  • This product supports the health of the cardiovascular, endocrine, nervous systems, and gastrointestinal tract.

It stimulates the immune system, which can be depleted due to heavy physical exertion.

What’s Unique About Protein Powder?

Protein powder is an ideal, balanced nutritional product for breakfast or a snack between main meals – natural, healthy, and rich in ayurvedic protein and dietary fiber. The shake is explicitly designed for active people who are all about maximizing their time and efficiency without compromising having a healthy diet.

Beyond Vital is unique for the following reasons:

  • 100% natural product.
  • The high content of vegan ayurvedic protein.
  • No added white refined sugar.
  • Low Fat
  • a source of dietary fiber and slow carbohydrates.
  • Convenience and ease of preparation.
  • It does not contain GMOs.

It is easy to prepare a shake with the addition of the best ayurvedic protein powder: pour the contents of the package into a 250–300 ml mug or a shaker, add 150–200 ml of milk of the preferred fat content or any vegetable milk of your choice, mix intensively until a homogeneous consistency is obtained. You can also place it in a blender with a banana, ice cubes, or other fruits you like to consume.

Recommendations For Use

Foods with a high protein content are recommended in a diet for people who do strength training or fitness, leading an active lifestyle, those who would like to maintain healthy body weight, and the elderly. This protein drink can be used as a supplement to the main diet or as a replacement (in weight loss programs). It is also recommended for people with milk allergies or vegetarians who do not consume dairy products. Nevertheless, before using it, it is recommended to consult your health physician.

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