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Beyond Vital is an earnest brand for fitness enthusiasts that focuses all of its endeavours towards helping you push your limits and achieve fitness goals.

We believe a careful selection of ingredients helps to turn something ordinary into something exceptional and makes our brand unique. After decades of research, we’ve built a brand that focuses on providing high-quality nutrition by blending Eastern and European ingredients for its customers.

We focus on your physical as well as mental well-being while maintaining the highest quality standards. Thus, all of our efforts are driven towards one goal - to give you precisely what you deserve, the best of nutrition.


Our founder Andrey himself is a believer in leading a fit lifestyle. He was always fascinated with Indian traditions. So to explore Indian culture, he visited the Isha Foundation in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, 12 years ago. He was amazed by the benefits Ayurveda had to offer, and how it could positively impact lives.

At the same time, he researched the Indian health supplement market to look for a product that offered the right amount of nutrition and health benefits. But he wasn’t happy with the results as the existing products were not up to the mark.

Hence, Andrey worked with a team of Ayurvedic experts for curating a protein powder that offered the benefits of European ingredients as well as ayurvedic elements. Thus, Beyond Vital was launched.

Beyond Vital is not only his brainchild but he has always treated it as a medium through which he can spread the knowledge of Ayurvedic benefits & well-being
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